Many applicants use the same CV and cover letter for every job, just changing the necessary parts, such as the company and role that they are applying for- although I have had a couple where they have forgotten to change the company name on their cover letter! It is important to personalise the letter to show your interest in the company and the role and to show what you could bring to the firm and what a perfect applicant you are for the position.

If a job advert asks for certain skills, you need to make sure that you emphasise these in either your CV or cover letter, ideally in both, so that it is easy to see your relevant experience. This is especially important if there are questions within the application process asking if you have experience in certain areas, in these cases, you need to ensure that your experience in each area is showcased. If you don't have the experience, explain why you think you would still be suitable- what transferable skills do you have? Simply answering all of the questions saying you have experience won't do much for your application if you don't back this up in your CV or covering letter- many people answer these 'yes' regardless of whether they actually have any experience. Try to include as many points from the job advert in your CV or covering letter as you can. Make yourself stand out as someone who has excellent experience and who would be perfect for this role! But make sure that you are truthful with your experiences, you don't want to get caught up in a lie and damage your credibility.